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Why does our blog have such an eclectic mixture of wildlife and vegetable related content? The answer is simple. Although the primary focus of Basebuild is web and mobile programming, we want to show that we care about the bigger things in life. We want to promote health and wellness as well as build community awareness of the world around us. Sure, we have to pay the bills and believe we are pretty great at what we do, but at Basebuild we believe that work is only one facet of life and that all the other parts that make up this crazy roller coaster are just as important.

Fix your bike puncture on the go …


Patch n Ride really have come up with a nifty and useful gadget. Their Patch n Ride technology allows you to stop your ride, fix your puncture with relative ease and be back on your ride before you know it!┬áCheck [...] Read More »

Boil your kettle … remotely.


The iKettle from Smarter allows you to boil your kettle using an app. You can start the kettle on a timer and even connect with other smart devices to, for example, voice command your kettle from your phone to start [...] Read More »

It’s 2017 stop fussing with laces.


Laceez is a pretty simple and straightforward concept. Rather than having unsightly shoeless dangling around the sides of your feet, why not let Laceez keep your shoes snugly fitted without the extra lace? Pretty straightforward, check out the video below [...] Read More »