Angelo Gabisan, Android Developer

Angelo Gabisan, Basebuild Inc.

Angelo, at this point, has more than half a decade of experience in web and Android programming, having been in the industry since 2012. He has delivered an extensive range of mobile and web based applications from the simple to the complex. Angelo has worked for companies all over the world and especially prides himself on the time and affinity he made the Aussies ­čÖé while working for an Australian based company.

Building real trust and long-term relationships with clients is his primary focus when in the Android┬ádeveloper saddle. It’s the innovative and creative aspect of new projects that excites Angelo the most and he loves working on new ideas and problems that can be solved using technologies.

In his spare time Angelo likes swimming, scuba, chess, and playing around with his boy. He feels that hanging with friends and family is his ultimate passion in his Life. ­čÖé

Phone: 828 490 1825
Email: angelo[@]